Keep the Garage Door Lubed: Tips & Tricks

A well-lubricated garage door is one that causes fewer problems and damages than a door that lacks the lube. You don’t need a professional for this service, but instead just a few tools and a short amount of time to complete it yourself. When the garage door is properly lubricated, it reduces the need for garage door repair Salt Lake City and the headache that ensues from an improperly working door.

Gather the Supplies

You need a ladder and door lube to complete this project. If a ladder is unavailable, a stepstool might suffice for the project. Yes, only two items are needed to lubricate the garage door and prevent an array of damages and problems. Choose a silicone spray or white aluminum grease rather than a product like WD40 to lubricate the parts on your garage door. This type of product is available from most any home improvement store.

Areas of the Garage Door to Lubricate

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It takes just a few minutes of time to lubricate the garage door, but don’t rush through the job and risk an injury and your safety. All of the moving parts on the garage door need lubricating. This includes the rollers, springs, hinges, and bearings. After lubricating the moving parts thoroughly, turn the garage door on to allow the lube to absorb into the bearings and other metal-to-metal contact areas.

Garage door lubrication is an important part of proper garage door maintenance and one of the easiest to complete. Don’t skimp out on this service and you’ll enjoy easier garage door operation for a much longer period of time. Luckily, it’s easy to keep your door well-lubricated and avoid the repercussions of the alternative. Use the above information to help keep your garage door operating efficiently and well-lubed at all times.